Saturday, 9 August 2008

Puncture Repair World Record

After smoking it past some noobs on the Spooky Wood section of Glentress, I realised I had been riding for the preceeding 3 days in Scotland with a flat tyre. While we had a breather at the bottom, Shane challenged me to break the puncture repair world record. After much discussion, we realised that this record didn't exist - I couldn't believe it either! So we set about setting a new benchmark. 1 minute 19 seconds later, the record was set.
Here are the conditions of entry:
- The wheel must contain an existing inner tube.
- The puncture must be a 'snakebite' type, induced by a drop of at least 3 foot.
- The pump used must be a mini-pump that can be fitted into a backpack.
- The backpack must be worn at all times during the tyre change.
- All punctured tubes must be carried for the remainer of the ride.
- All tyres must be pumped to a pressure of 40psi (at 0-500m above sea level).

We shall be waiting with a warm pint at the bottom of the trail for any rider who breaks this record.

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